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Aspire Resolve Virtual Conference

December 3 - 7:00 am - December 4 - 12:00 pm PST
  • find a solution.
  • decide firmly on a course of action.
  • a firm determination to do something.

It’s easy to become distracted doing things that are related to, but not core to our vision. The whirlwind of being busy can deceptively lead us to believe we are achieving something. We can be super busy but going nowhere. It is critical that in this unstable time, women move forward on their projects, dreams and aspirations to lead change in life, work and world.

This event is for you if you...
  • Have had a challenging time and you are in need of a boost of inspiration, ideas and support!
  • Have a big idea, vision or dream and you are procrastinating, you've got stuck or it just isn't happening as you'd hoped.
  • Obstacles keep getting in the way of your goals and it is time to break through them.
  • Are in the middle of or you want to make a bigger difference and impact in your life, work or world.
  • Want to transform your team, business or organization in some way for the better (that's not just about profits).
  • Know that it's time to change direction and you need some inspiration to get going.
  • Have the desire to start or grow a business or nonprofit and some new contacts and a concrete action plan would really help.

“Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.” 

Nelson Mandela

Join us and...
  • Get more clarity on what your 'ideas, projects and goals' are and why they are important to you and others.
  • Learn the powerful communication skills to influence others, especially difficult and challenging people.
  • Be inspired and gain the tools, plans and confidence to achieve your dreams, aspirations and goals.
  • Feel empowered to overcome the stress, fear and worry about turning your ideas into reality.
  • Conquer the common obstacles to success and contribute to systemic change of these obstacles for women around the world.
  • Learn the practical 'how to' steps you need to take to move forward and achieve your goals now.
  • Network, gain support, make contacts and be part of a challenging peer group of friendly, like minded female peers.

Hear from the women visionaries, pioneers and leaders and Dr Sam Collins, named as ‘One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’ by Her Majesty The Queen and ‘A Woman Shaping the World’ by CNN.

Program includes:

  • Engaging interactive content with exercises and step by step tools.
  • Inspirational and powerful talks and practical tools from speakers from across the globe.
  • Recorded sessions that you can watch live or at a later time to suit you.
  • Online networking, conversations and collaborations.

We have been creating pioneering events and programs for 20 years across the globe. They have been described as “different to any other conference, inspiring, powerful, space to think, challenging, innovative, fun, life changing and empowering”.

$495 early bird up until August 14, 2020

December 3 and December 4 - 7am - 12pm PST each day via Zoom

All sessions are recorded for flexibility in attendance.


"To listen to women from around the world speak was incredible. And to read chats from women around the world isn't available at an in-person event. I gained something from each one spiritually, emotionally, and physically"

Pamela Starmack

Home of Guiding Hands, USA

"Fantastical, informative, empowering, brilliant eye opener, jaw dropping. I had a blast! I don't do many conferences and found Aspire exhilarating and fresh"

Sylvia Williams

The UK Home Office

"So unique. It was a really nice combination of professional high level panelists, with powerful spiritual people"

Patricia Souza

Ernst & Young, Luxembourg

"From reimagining my and our future as pioneering women, to shifting inside away from my fears of inadequacy to become my future self, to networking towards my pack for giving and receiving help, to ACTION and making that future happen"

Nathaly Wagner

Upupa Epops Ltd, Zambia

"Amazing, brilliant and the most inspirational event I have ever been too"

Irene García

Life is Life, Spain

"A life changing experience. Joining women leaders from across the world and from various disciplines enabled me to visualise my future and strengthened my trust within myself. Lifting each other up!"

Anxhela Bruci

MA Global Crime & Justice, Albania

"Mind blowing. I was glued to my seat. Just wow!"

Tola Makinde

Moyinoluwa Rainbow Foundation for Down Syndrome, Nigeria

10% discount on normal the rate for 2 people
15% discount for 3-5 people
20% discount for 6-9 people
10 people plus – email us for a quote


Unlimited available
Early bird$495.00

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