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The Aspire Resolve Virtual Conference

December 3 - 7:00 am - December 4 - 12:00 pm PST
  • find a solution.
  • decide firmly on a course of action.
  • a firm determination to do something.

Is it time to get your ‘mojo‘ back and a clear focus for 2021?  

Do you want a clear list of goals with a plan?

Would you like to meet other like-minded women?  

Do you want practical advice and inspiration?

Whether your focus is your life, work, career or changing the world, join us to develop your key leadership, resilience and change maker skills!

This event is for you if you...
  • Must lead and manage yourself and/or others during this time of uncertainty and change.
  • Are in need of a boost of inspiration, ideas and support!
  • Need to think beyond the immediate pressing deadlines of your life and work and stop feeling that you are constantly firefighting.
  • Have an idea or dream and you are procrastinating, you've got stuck or it just isn't happening as you'd hoped.
  • Want to feel more connected and reduce isolation, stress, anxiety and financial worries.
  • Obstacles are getting in the way of your goals and it is time to break through them.
  • Are in the middle of or you want to make a bigger difference and impact in your life, work or world.
  • Want to transform your team, business or organization in some way for the better (that's not just about profits).
  • Must get your self care, health and wellbeing back on track.
  • Are starting or growing a team, business or not-for-profit and new contacts and a concrete action plan would really help.

Join Dr Sam Collins, Founder of Aspire and named as ‘One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’ by Her Majesty The Queen and ‘A Woman Shaping the World’ by CNN as she curates and leads this event.

Program includes:

  • Engaging interactive content with exercises and step by step tools.
  • Powerful talks from speakers from across the globe.
  • Recorded sessions that you can watch at a later time to suit you.
  • Online networking, real conversations and collaborations.

We have been creating pioneering events for 20 years across the globe. They have been described as “different to any other conference, inspiring, powerful, space to think, challenging, innovative, fun, life changing and empowering”.

What are women saying about our first virtual conference?

“Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.” 

Nelson Mandela

Join us and...
  • Hear from inspiring speakers on how they achieve their dreams, the common pitfalls and what they do when they get stuck.
  • Get more clarity on what your ideas, projects and goals are and why they are important to you and others.
  • Learn the powerful communication skills to move forward on your goals.
  • Expand your confidence and take away tools to help you hold a room (physical or virtual) when speaking.
  • Take back control of your decisions and empower yourself.
  • Recognize your value and have the confidence to achieve your dreams, aspirations and goals.
  • Feel empowered to overcome the stress, fear and worry about turning your ideas into reality.
  • Conquer the common obstacles to success and happiness.
  • Learn the practical steps you need to take to move forward and achieve your goals now.
  • Network, make contacts and be part of a challenging peer group of friendly, like minded female peers.

Early bird: $495 Corporate | $349 Self-funding and Not-for-profits | Scholarships are available

December 3 and December 4 - 7am - 12pm PST each day via Zoom

All sessions are recorded for flexibility in attendance. Early bird up until Friday November 6, 2020

December 3 - 7:00 am
December 4 - 12:00 pm
$195 – $495
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Online via Zoom

"To listen to women from around the world speak was incredible. And to read chats from women around the world isn't available at an in-person event. I gained something from each one spiritually, emotionally, and physically"

Pamela Starmack

Home of Guiding Hands, USA

"Fantastical, informative, empowering, brilliant eye opener, jaw dropping. I had a blast! I don't do many conferences and found Aspire exhilarating and fresh"

Sylvia Williams

The UK Home Office

"So unique. It was a really nice combination of professional high level panelists, with powerful spiritual people"

Patricia Souza

Ernst & Young, Luxembourg

"From reimagining my and our future as pioneering women, to shifting inside away from my fears of inadequacy to become my future self, to networking towards my pack for giving and receiving help, to ACTION and making that future happen"

Nathaly Wagner

Upupa Epops Ltd, Zambia

"Amazing, brilliant and the most inspirational event I have ever been too"

Irene García

Life is Life, Spain

"A life changing experience. Joining women leaders from across the world and from various disciplines enabled me to visualise my future and strengthened my trust within myself. Lifting each other up!"

Anxhela Bruci

MA Global Crime & Justice, Albania

"Mind blowing. I was glued to my seat. Just wow!"

Tola Makinde

Moyinoluwa Rainbow Foundation for Down Syndrome, Nigeria

"It was phenomenal, somehow even more intimate for being online. Can you imagine going to a zoom conference which leaves you wanting more? THE BEST online conference I have ever experienced"



10% discount for 2 people
15% discount for 3-5 people
20% discount for 6-9 people
10 people plus – email us for a quote


Unlimited available
Early bird 2 day corporate$495.00
Unlimited available
Early bird 2 day self-funding/not-for-profits$349.00
Unlimited available
Early bird 1 day corporate December 3$295.00
Unlimited available
Earky bird 1 day self funding/not-for-profit December 3$195.00
Unlimited available
Early bird corporate 1 day December 4$295.00
Unlimited available
Early bird 1 day self-funding/not-for-profit December 4$195.00
Unlimited available
Recording only$395.00

There are a number of scholarship places available at each Aspire for Equality event.

These places are open to trailblazing individuals working to develop themselves and change the world.

Please complete the scholarship application HERE.

“I just wanted to thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity for a scholarship and the opportunity to attend such an incredible event.  I could go on and on! But in short, it was a revelation.” – Sheryl Plant, Press Officer, Breast Cancer Care

Sam Collins, Founder and CEO Aspire for Equality, USA

“Powerful Communication for Personal, Organizational and Social Change”

Sam Collins is a leading international voice on leadership and equality, a social entrepreneur, speaker and author. She founded Aspire nearly 20 years ago when she was just 30 years old, now a globally sought after organization that empowers and equips women to lead change in life, work and world. She has lived, traveled and worked in the UK, Europe, Canada, Africa, India, Australia and the US.

Emma Sinclair MBE, Co-Founder, EnterpriseAlumni

“Women in Tech – How to One Day Run the Universe!”

Emma is the youngest person in the world to have floated a company on the London Stock Exchange, doing so at 29. A serial entrepreneur, she now co-leads global software company EnterpriseAlumni. Their software powers the corporate alumni networks of some of the world’s largest companies, allowing them to leverage this vast pool of people for competitive advantage. Outside of her day job, she contributes to media and is UNICEF’s Business Advisor. In 2016, was awarded an MBE by the Queen for Services to Entrepreneurship.

Arabella Slinger, Mountain Climber and Senior Partner, Penfida

“Expeditions & Life Lessons”

Arabella has climbed the highest mountains in Europe, Antarctica, Africa, North America and South America. She is also a senior partner in City of London based Penfida, advising clients and developing solutions in covenants. She previously worked at Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank and qualified as a chartered accountant with PwC. She has also undertaken expeditions to the North and South Poles as well as traversing the Greenland ice cap.

Dr Jackie Carter, Professor, University of Manchester, UK

“The Success of Every Woman is the Inspiration for Another”

Jackie has had a number of roles throughout her career, but what links them all is her passion for challenging educational inequalities. She has been a schoolteacher, a business development professional and is now a professor of statistical literacy at the University of Manchester, UK. Her groundbreaking work in developing paid internships for young people from less advantaged backgrounds has won her a national teaching excellence award. Her own experiences have paved the way to help her be the person in her students’ lives that she wish she’d had when she was younger.

Busayo Obisakin, Program Manager, Imagine & Ambassador and Encourager at World Pulse, Nigeria

“Creating your Life the Way you Want It & Finding your Own Truth”

Busayo has worked extensively in gender areas including Gender Based Violence, Women’s Political Participation, Women Rights Advancement, and Digital Literacy & Empowerment, as well as many other areas. She is deeply passionate about gender equality and has dedicated her life to supporting the women of her community and country in their pursuit of better lives.

Ibtissam Al-Farah, Founder and Director of Lavender International Consultancy, UK

“Risk, Reward and Decision Making”

Ibtissam is the Founder and Director of Lavender International Consultancy and also a Co-Founder of The Development and Empowerment of Women’s Advancement Project. She was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Yemen. From arriving in England in 2004 as a single woman and refugee, she created a life with no family support, no recognized work experience and no English language. She has since worked her way up to PhD level and is involved in projects for women asylum seekers and refugees. She has spoken at various academic conferences as a political analyst and delivered seminars for the United Nations Human Rights meeting in Geneva about women and children in war zones.

Aletta Raju, Labour Lawyer, Coach and Facilitator, South Africa

“How to Honor your Life Amidst Grief or Change”

After 17 years of corporate experience in the legal space, Aletta took a leap of faith to embark on a new chapter of opening her own consulting company which is better aligned with her purpose and passion and which enabled her to add value to others by utilizing all of her skills, expertise, training and life’s experiences in an integrated way. Her philosophy is about developing, empowering people and helping them to become better stronger versions of themselves. Fairness and equality are very important to her in all the areas of our lives.


Aimee Dunne, Principal, List Maker, Process Nerd, The Coras Group, USA

“Strengthen your Capacity to Face Challenges and Take Small Steps to Success”

Aimee is great at building operational plans that further careers, initiatives and organizations – but that sounds pretty boring. What she really excels at is connecting people to ideas. She asks the right questions, presents complex topics in an accessible way. Aimee has shared her knowledge with rooms of entrepreneurs, civic change-makers, business leaders, educators, lawyers, and even grade-schoolers. Aimee currently serves as Principal at The Coras Group and as Co-Founder & COO at Brazen Global, Inc.

Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director, Women for Women International, UK

“Owning your Power & Impact”

Brita Fernandez Schmidt serves as the Executive Director of Women for Women International – UK and is the Vice President of Europe and External Relations (Global). She is responsible for the operation and management of Women for Women International in the UK and Europe. Alongside this, Brita also sits on the Board of Directors for Žene za Žene (Women for Women) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosova Women for Women International in Kosovo and Women for Women International (DE). Brita Fernandez Schmidt is an advocate and promoter of women’s empowerment, women’s rights and equality.

Sarah Finch, CEO Marches Academy Trust, UK

“Reset – Opportunity to Press the Reset Button”

Sarah is the CEO of The Marches Academy Trust, a multi-academy sponsor based in Shropshire, UK. There are currently 9 schools within the Trust, five primary and four secondary. As CEO, Sarah continues to drive the Trust to expand, employing its capacity and experience to inspire and motivate students and staff and create a family of academy schools with a shared set of visions and values. Sarah believes in outward facing and visionary leadership and works closely with lead partners, to provide gold standard professional learning and school improvement projects nationally and internationally.

Cari Guittard, Professor, Hult International Business School, USA

“Level Up, Pivot, Force Multiply – Start Here and Go Forth” 

Cari Guittard develops, deploys and manages strategic global partnerships, crisis management response and thought leadership efforts for senior clients. She has expertise in global affairs, corporate diplomacy, crisis management, cyber security, international negotiations, women’s leadership/gender intelligence, strategic communications, public diplomacy and national security issues and efforts. Guittard, who received The Most Inspirational Faculty Award in 2018, serves as a graduate Leadership Professor at Hult.

Ragini Michaels, Behavior Change Specialist, USA

“To Harness & Redirect The Power Of Polarization For More Conscious Leadership”

Ragini Michaels is a premiere behavioral change specialist and NLP expert dedicated to supporting women leaders around the globe who want to catapult their commitment to conscious living & conscious leadership to a higher level of impact. She accomplishes this via the power of a new kind of practical wisdom that can neutralize and redirect the power of personal polarization. She brings over 5 decades of personally exploring meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, presence, the Enneagram, and the art of spiritual inquiry.

Zoe Burnett, Mental Health Advocate, UK

“Healthy Weight Unhealthy Mind: A 5 Step Guide to Body Positivity”

Zoe Burnett is a playful, warm hearted and compassionate speaker, a creative graduate with broad experience of teaching across a wide demographic, including children and adults. With first-hand, lived experience of conquering eating disorders, anxiety and depression, a suicide survivor, Zoe believes ‘life is more than self-hatred and celery sticks’. A strong advocate of ‘Set Point Theory’, Zoe inspires us with empathy, to rebel against social norms, ‘ditch the diet’ and embrace the notion of body acceptance.

Sarah Kitakule, Director, The Kitakule Foundation, Uganda

“Translating Your Ideas and Knowledge into Action”

An accomplished women’s empowerment and private sector development specialist, Sarah has been an active member of the women’s movement in Uganda and globally. She has extensive experience with leading international development organizations including the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, International Labor Organization and the Commonwealth Secretariat. She successfully chaired the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association and served on several global women in business networks. She is currently a trustee of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and a Founder Director of the Kitakule Foundation.

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