Aspire for Equality Life, Work and World Coaching

At various times in our lives, we all need the guidance and support of an independent voice to help us work out what to do next.

Over the past 20 years we’ve worked with thousands of individuals, helping them build their courage, develop their leadership skills, create diversity & inclusion and take bold steps towards becoming who they aspire to be.

For some, this is about leadership – of self and others. For others, it’s finding a voice and the confidence to use it.

Sometimes we support with those career crossroad moments; when a new path or fundamental change is needed.

Often, we work with those who aspire to create real change in their community and world.

Aspire for Equality’s coaching team have experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes and we are not sector specific.

Aspire for Equality Coaching doesn’t work with a one-size-fits-all approach and we’ll tailor a program to fit your specific needs, but we often cover these areas:

  • Leadership and organizational development
  • Social responsibility and community impact
  • Purpose, mission, and values
  • Increasing influence & impact
  • Resilience and overcoming challenges
  • Empowering and developing your people
  • Career and life planning
  • Life and career goals
  • Social enterprise start-up and growth

Get in touch to see if we’re right for you. We are happy to explore possibilities with you in a no-obligation and confidential conversation to learn more about your needs and answer your questions in more detail.

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"Aspire for Equality are a talented team of forceful, visionary people who bring a refreshing energy and edge to every aspect of their work. Working with an Aspire for Equality coach keeps me honest, focused and energized to realise the huge potential I have to make a difference."

Mel Stack

President, The Yankee Candle Company

“It helped me articulate my personal values and recognize that the effort going into work was disproportionately high. It has helped me create a direction for the next few years, with some clear priorities and goals. It has made me more aware of the impact of some of my own behaviors and language. It has given me the confidence to take more risk.”

Julian Purvis, Director of Corporate Services

The Woodland Trust

"I’ve been fortunate to have coaching from Aspire for Equality over the past five months – and even tho I say so myself, the results have been pretty amazing.  It’s helping me become the type of leader I want to be.  It's helping me to better understand how to use different leadership styles in different circumstances, and to show a softer and more vulnerable side so I can collaborate better with others – something that I’ve often struggled with.  Tools and methods that I think I’ll use for the rest of my life, and has helped me get into a very positive headspace through gentle challenges and a progressive coaching style."

Kate Nustedt, Global Wildlife Director

World Animal Protection

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